Friday, March 9, 2018

QUESTION - ANSWERS - LL.B. Sem-6 Gujarat University

QUESTION - ANSWERS - LL.B. Sem-6 Gujarat University

Syllabus - LLB Sem-6 Guj Uni -v1.0.pdf ---

Question Bank - LLB Sem-6 Guj Uni -v1.0.pdf ---

  1. 308 Drafting of Pleading and Conveyancing
  2. 309 Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System -v1.2 ---
  3. 310 Alternative Dispute Resolution -v1.2 ---
  4. 311 Moot Court Exercise and internship
  5. 312 Legal language/Legal Writing including General English -v1.2 ---
  6. 313F Forensic Science, Law & Crime Detection Methods -v1.3 ---
  7. 314K Legal Aid, Para-legal Services & Clinical Training -v1.2 ---

Study notes related to Sem-6 subjects :

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