Wednesday, October 12, 2016

LINKS TO QUESTION - ANSWERS - Gujarat University LL.B. Sem-3 (of 3 year Programme)

For those interested. Here are the links to latest versions of my notes on Gujarat University LL.B. Sem-3 (of 3 year Programme) - Question Bank and corresponding Answers.

WATCH this blog post. As and when new answers to questions are gathered, updated PDFs will be posted here on THIS page.
  1. Question Bank - LLB Sem-3 Gujarat University -v1.2
  2. 201 Family Law - I -v1.6 <--- Final version.
  3. 202 Labour & Industrial Law - I -v1.6  <--- Final version.
  4. 203 Principles of Taxation Law -v1.6
    <--- Final version.
  5. 204 Administrative Law -v1.5
  6. 205 Public International Law -v1.5
  7. 206F Principles of Equity -v1.4
  8. 207K Legal Terms Phrases & Maxims -v1.4

These docs are shared for academic use ONLY. They are not for sale, or commercial use.

Lastly, this is an ambitious project to help improve legal education. Do extend your support to the work by,
Thank you. 

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