Saturday, February 4, 2017

Gujarat University LL.B. Sem-4 (of 3 year Programme) - Syllabus and Question Bank

Season's greetings. This is to kick start work on exam centric notes for Sem-4. Following are the subjects in Sem-4,

208  Legal Methods & Legal Theories (Jurisprudence)
209  Family Law - II
210  Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of  Legislation
211  Labour Industrial Law - II
212E Human Rights Law and Practice
213F Principles of Banking Laws
214K Legal Principles through Case Study

All shared documents are compiled by in academic pursuit. 

| विद्या विनियोगाद्विकास: |  People are encouraged to promote the cause of law students by suggesting answers (from public domain, copyright-free) to questions. Or, by pointing-out mistakes, if any, in documents published here. Or, by updating these documents (for non-commercial purpose) as they deem fit. But, do keep sharing with the world. Thank you.

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