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QUESTION - ANSWERS - LL.B. Sem-2 Gujarat University

QUESTION - ANSWERS - LL.B. Sem-2 Gujarat University

In Apr-2016, following LL.B. Sem-2 Gujarat University study notes were shared within a select group of students.

Text version of the syllabus.

  1. 108  Constitutional Law Paper - I.
  2. 109  Constitutional Law Paper - ll.
  3. 110  Company Law.
  4. 111  Environmental Law.
  5. 112  Property Law.
  6. 113F Principles of Political Science.
  7. 114K Use of Internet in Legal Edu.
Dedicated to students of the subject. No claim is made/ implied about truthfulness of these documents which are shared for academic use ONLY. They are not for sale, or commercial use.

Lot more work is required to update above half baked Sem-2 notes. Current batch of Sem-2 students may like to contribute for benefit of all. Else, god willing, I may do it myself. 

Cheers. 😍😍😍


  1. and learn much, however self-learning is better as a supplement (not a substitution) to a college degree.

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  3. Thank you very much sir , 114k file is very useful to me as no any other materials are there , now onwards I used to learn with you ..........

    Thanks again


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