Wednesday, August 23, 2017

QUESTION - ANSWERS - LL.B. Sem-1 Gujarat University

QUESTION - ANSWERS - LL.B. Sem-I Gujarat University

Syllabus - Sem-1 -v2.0.pdf ---
Question Bank - LLB Sem-1 Guj Uni -v2.1.pdf ---

  1. 101 Law of Tort including MV accident and consumer protection laws -v2.0 ---
  2. 102 Criminal Law Paper - I (General Principies of Penal Law) -v2.0 ---
  3. 103 Criminal Law Paper – II (Specific Offences) -v2.0 ---
  4. 104 Law of Contract -v2.0 ---
  5. 105 Special Contract -v2.0 ---
  6. 106F Constitutional History of India -v2.0 ---
  7. 107K Use of Law Journals and Legal Software -v2.0 ---

Before Nov-2017 university exams, study notes are likely to be updated. Watch this space.

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